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Medical Professional and General Liability

Liability Risk…
Few people today would disagree with the statement that the healthcare industry is one of the most highly regulated and legally complicated, in the nation. Healthcare organizations face huge challenges in their attempt to remain compliant and thus avoid the regulatory repercussions and related legal liabilities that come with non-compliance. HRS partners with its clients to establish a comprehensive risk management plan designed to do both.

To protect healthcare organizations from Professional and General Liability losses requires innovative techniques and a pro-active approach. Policy design or coverage selection, along with an aggressive loss prevention plan, play key roles in this pro-active approach. At HRS we help our clients to match the policy form, deductibles, liability limits, etc. to the specific exposure and risk appetite of that insured.

To those risks that satisfy the underwriting criteria, HRS offers Medical Professional and General Liability through its selective market, “Preferred Healthcare Insurance Group” (PHIG). PHIG is a homogeneous, member owned, Captive insurance company. Premium discounts, enhanced services, and the opportunity for dividends (if underwriting losses are below loss estimations/projections) are available through PHIG. Applicants to PHIG must demonstrate a strong desire to “be involved” in the processes of exposure management and claims mitigation...

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